How does the service work?

  • Each month we release a 15-item lunch/dinner menu. (Our breakfast and dessert boxes do not change, but you can customise which items you get in them)
  • We offer a range of ‘boxes’ each containing a different amount of meals. Choose a box with the number of meals, some come with dessert, dinner and snacks, others are simply a couple of meals to try out
  • once you have selected which box suits your needs, you can customise what you get inside them, its all up to you!
  • Proceed to checkout and create an account then continue on to payment, or login to use your existing shipping and payment details.
  • We prepare the meals in our commercial kitchen, pack it up to your specifications and then deliver it right to your door.

Do I need an account to use Green Fork Foods?

Yes, you will need to create an account, however this can be done after you have selected your products on the checkout page. Your account will be generated automatically via the details you enter and will be emailed to you. Your account is used to save your shipping and payment details for streamlined service in the future, allow you to review our menu items, as well as reorder your favourite meals.

Why choose green fork foods?

Our four core foundations are:

  1. IMPACT – we strive to be environmentally friendly as possible, meaning plant-based menus, 100% bio-degradable packaging, and our zero-waste initiative – which you can find more information about here
  2. CONVINIENCE – all of the hard work is done for you, our meals are professionally prepared in a commercial kitchen, packed up to your order specifications, and delivered straight to your door, saving you time and money, all while not having to cook!
  3. CHOICE – We pride our business on offering you, what you want. You have the choice to mix and match our boxes in any way you please, love one of our meals and want more! No worries the choice is in your hands.
  4. VALUE – We offer competitively priced meals to our customers, we want you to be happy with the value you’re getting each week. With Green Fork Foods there is no subscription necessary, we do however make it easy to re-order each week at the click of a button.

How is the food prepared?

All of our meals are professionally prepared in a commercial kitchen adhering to The Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991. All food is then immediately frozen and packed into the order specifications of the customer, ready for delivery.

When will my food be delivered?

Our ordering cut off is Wednesday at 6pm for Thursday delivery. Currently we can only logistically deliver on Thursday but as we pick up speed, we will be adding more delivery days. Please note: all food delivered must be signed for, as it is frozen, to ensure quality and safety.

What if I am unavailable for delivery during the specified times?

Contact us immediately via our inquiry form here or note it in your delivery instructions.
For a small fee we can deliver outside normal working hours depending on availability.

What if I have an issue with my food?

We want you to love our food as much as we do, if you are unhappy with the meal or if something is amiss, please contact us via our enquiry form and we will work to either replace or refund, provided it meets our terms and conditions which you can find here.

Any other questions not found here?

Head over to our contact page here and shoot us a message and we will be in contact with you.


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